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Watorowo, , Chelmno
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Price Details
Price per hour: 133 €
Aircraft Location
Address: 86-253 Watorowo 19
County: Poland
State: Kujawsko-Pomorskie
Postcode: 86-253
Country: Poland
Aircraft Details
Listing ID: 2715
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: 172
Aircraft ICAO Type Designator : C172
Aircraft Registration: SP-FLR
Flight Rules: VFR / Night / IFR
License Requirements (minimum): SEP(Land)
Engine: NA
Seats: 4
Length (m): 8
Wing Span (m): 11
Avg Cruise Speed (kt): 90
Usable Fuel (L): 150
Avg Fuel Consumption / Hour (L): 25
Fuel Policy: Wet
Empty Weight (kg): 743
Max. Takeoff Weight (kg): 1110
Aircraft Base Region: Europe
Aircraft Features
Other Features
»Other Features & Amenities (See description)
Airfield Charts Available
HeadSet Provided
Hour/ Time Packages avail.
Meals / Drinks available
Pilot Accommodation Avail.
Refueling Available
Transportation Available
Terms and Conditions
Long-term rental Possible
Additional passenger Possible
Overnight out of base Possible
Border-Crossing Possible


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